There have already been implemented two preliminary studies for this project.


An LCA-report prepared by Østfold Research and a Pre-Feasibility-Study conducted by Sintef Energi. Both studies are positive for an establishment in Norway.


Conclusions from the LCA-report:


• Useful products from waste can reduce environmental impacts from other production systems


• Can obtain «negative» emissons if all products come to use

• Waste-to-Jet-fuel in Norway with waste from the UK performs well compared to other ways to produce kerosene and other ways to treat the waste.


Conclusions from the Pre-Feasibility-Study:


• The Pre-Feasibility Study document that the project is feasible both technically and economically

• The calculations made show that the project get a satisfying economy that helps it qualify for support from the public funding agencies in Norway (Enova, Siva and Innovation Norway).


A presentation of the current locations for this industrial project will also be completed soon. Further studies must be conducted to clarify which location will be the best. Industrial infrastructure, local conditions, possible synergies with other industries and a will and a desire from local and regional authorities will be decisive for the choice of location.